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Massive Wang Discount in May!


Do your friends call you tripod? Do you have a magnificent Love Python? Do you need 4 hands to spank the dolphin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you qualify for a tasty discount for Campervan and 4WD hire and rental in May!

Just call 1800 24 68 69 and tell our Roadtrip Planners that you’re packing a Stallone – and they’ll turn on the discounts baby!

hung 2

Terms of Promotion:

Valid for all travel between 1st May and 31st May 2014
Valid only for boys and girls with massive dongs
Qualifies you for 5% – maybe 10% if you’re really stacked
We don’t need pictures
Not valid for Tony Abbott or Journalists
Not valid with any other promotion
Offer for a limited time only

Campervan and 4WD Hire and rental is now available from 13 locations across Australia – including Alice Springs, Adelaide, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Darwin, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Broome, Exmouth, Byron Bay and Hobart!

Penis discounts are awesome – get yours today!

Hutt River Province in a Wicked Camper

Hutt River 1

The Honourable Prince Leonard I of Hutt – looking fucking epic!

Thinking of hiring a campervan in Western Australia?  Well make sure you head on out to Hutt River Province – a quirky little nation approximately 95kms north of Geraldton, Western Australia.  In 1970, Prince Leonard I of Hutt (born 28 August 1925) took action against the Western Australian Government and it’s bullshit Wheat Quota’s.  A tenacious motherfucker – Prince Leonard pressed his case against the government and managed to secede and declare independence from the Commonwealth of Australia on the 21st of April 1970.

So the Principality of Hutt River is essentially an independent nation – approximately 75-square km’s of land that represents a massive ‘FUCK-YOU’ to the government and the bureaucrats of Australia.  Wicked loves this shit!  So hire a 4WD or campervan from our Perth, Exmouth or Broome locations and head on out to see Prince Leonard!

Hutt River 2

Drive your sexy Wicked Camper 2 Hours north of Geraldton and you’re there!

Hutt River 3

Such a rad motherfucker – Hutt River even has its own currency!

Hutt River 5

You can even get your Passport stamped on the way in!

Hutt River 4

The Wicked Campervan we hired from Perth.  Wicked Campers also hire 4WD Vehicles from Perth, Exmouth and Broome.  Be sure to turn up naked for a free day campervan rental!

Hutt River 7

Even though he’s no longer an Australian resident – we reckon Prince Leonard is truly an Aussie icon!  Fuckin legend man!

Hutt River 6

If you’re interested in a trip to see Prince Leonard of Hutt River, call our sexy Roadtrip Planners on 1800 24 68 69 – they’ll get you the sexiest deal on Campervan Hire in Western Australia!

Ayers Rock in Wicked Campervan

Ayers Rock in a Wicked Van

The view as we enter Kata Tjuta National Park in our psychedelic Beatles Wicked Van!

Kulgera in a Wicked Camper

The view from our Camper at Kulgera Pub and camp ground!  Was a cheap night – around $5 each for the night, with hot showers and an awesome outback pub meal for around $10.

Olgas in a Wicked Camper

Even more spectacular (in my opionion) were the Olgas!  Around 45 minutes from Ayers Rock, these massive monoliths are incredible.  The Wicked Camper was holding up well given the temperatures were soaring to around 40 degrees!

Climbing Ayers Rock

It’s hard work climbing Ayers Rock!  They often close access to the climb due to high winds in the area – so be sure to visit on a calm day!


Vertigo was kicking in near the top of Ayers Rock!

Coober Pedy Wicked Campers

Heading across the border into South Australia is the crazy little desert community of Coober Pedy!  The Wicked Van was still going strong!

Coober Pedy in a Wicked Camper

That night we ate crocidile, emu and wallaby on a pizza in Coober Pedy.  This pic was taken in front of a house built into the side of the hill – essentially underground to escape the bullshit heat that hits the desert.  The elderly couple who own the property were so lovely and took us in for a look!  The people in remote central Australia are real and full of character!

South Australia Wicked Campers

The Salt Lakes of South Australia – a barren and wild area of remote Australia.  I don’t think this was a Wicked Camper?!

Stuart Highway Wicked Campers

It was something I’ve wanted to do all my life!  The Stuart Highway is the real deal baby – we drove from Alice Springs to Adelaide in our trusty little Wicked Camper!

To Hire a Wicked Camper give us a call: 1800 24 68 69 or head over to to book online.

Remember this land is sacred and the Aboriginal people are the true owners of the land – so be respectful and enjoy!

Melbourne. Waves? Cold. Adelaide. Part 6.


FORGOTTEN for a moment, was the pain of the damaged trip and board.  While drinking and driving – not driving while drunk, I must specify – emerald green swathes of trees appeared ‘round a corner, descending into the heaving ocean and stopping only at a thin strip of tarmac and volcanic rock.  We’d arrived at the Great Ocean Road, and under a sky blemished only with thin, sparse jet-stream cloud, it was putting on a feast for our eyes.  Triple j’s broadcast notably dipped and rose as we hugged the turns with a vehicle which threatened to tip with only a 10 km breach of the speed limit.  There wasn’t even much wind.  We passed through a few refreshingly lifeless towns and got stuck behind the odd daydreamer, stopping a couple of times to sear particularly spectacular visions into our minds.

Not long before Lorne, home of the Falls Festival, we marvelled at incredible waves which once again had our surfing salivation slippery once more.  Forgetting the water temperature, we appraised Lorne’s incredible right-hand-point potential and, as dusk deepened, decided to stay.  This would be our first night exposed, me within a tent and Jim within Mortein – our Wicked Camper – to a sleep with Victoria’s famous cold as our companions.  But we were determined to have an enjoyable Saturday night nonetheless.  First port of call was a backpacker hostel noticeably devoid of both cheap drinks and Swedish backpackers keen on licking our toes.  It was warm, though, and the average-looking redhead behind the bar who held ambitions as a dancer momentarily attracted my attention.  We approached the town’s main pub as the frost began to gather.  There we met a bouncer from Los Angeles, a couple from Adelaide and Sydney and a group of clueless girl’s-night-outers from Geelong.  The bouncer had mysterious business interests both native and Aussie.  The couple met at a warehouse party in which she approached him and said ‘You’re cute’.  To which he replied ‘Hell yes I am’.  And the rest, as they say was history, and so too thankfully was his rendition of what he called ‘The Octopus’: walking backward while gyrating his arms out in front of him.  I was kinda hoping he’d go too far and fall into the freezing Southern Ocean.  No luck.  Jim bonded well with the LA bouncer because he’d been there.  The Geelong girls were reasonably attractive and from the city of my birth, and they certainly felt the cold, in comparison to us, like they’d not lived further north for any serious period of time.  Apart from that, and my disappointment and confusion at the pokie room closing early, it was a pretty uneventful night so we headed back.  Well drunk after stopping at another club if only for the warmth, and of course the drinks, we had a feed of noodles with help from the long suffered for kettle, then slept blissfully until waking up freezing cold at 3am and dropping in and out of unconsciousness until the birds started chirping, and the breaking waves drew us hither.


Tales from the road!

Greetings Wickedee’s!

Here’s a story from Mitch, a wicked customer who recently experienced a roadtrip with us. Check it out!

” I flew from Adelaide to Cairns and picked up my Wicked van. As soon as I got in, I couldnt beleive how nice it was – electric windows, arm rests, cup holder, a/c and a nice warm bed…I was utterly stoked with it!

“Had some crazy nights in the middle of the jungle”

Spent a few nights around Palm Cove (just out of Cairns) with a few mates, visited Kuranda and Barron Falls – the awesome Botanic Gardens.

I then wanted to get away from touristy stuff…so I headed north to Cape Tribulation to visit a friend of ours. Went up the Bloomfield track through the rainforest into Cooktown, but ended up heading back an hanging around Cape Tribulation for the rest of my time. Had some crazy nights in the middle of the jungle going on foot treks, climbed Mt Sorrow…just had so many awesome missions in your van.

“Can’t beat the deal you guys offer!”

Can’t thank you guys enough for the awesome vehicle that allowed me to have one of the best trips I’ve had so far. Looking to go back to Cape Tribulation in September for a week or so and will probably get another wicked van, can’t beat the deal you guys offer!”


We’d like to thank Mitch for contributing such an awesome story. Plenty of goodies coming your way ;)



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