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campervan rental australia

This year we notched up our 150,000th Australian hire and these babies have well and truly become iconic on Aussie roads!

We're constantly looking to re-shape the roadtrip experience, and our current range of vehicles offer something for everyone and anyone! Whether you wanna get freaky and hire a campervan with a stage, or just keep it tame with a plain white and fresh minicamper - the choice is there!

Have a look and see what you think doods - and remember we're here if you need us: 1800 24 68 69! Campervan Hire in Australia has never been so freaky!

Wicked Car & Mini Camper Hire Range...


Car Hire for everyone!

Need a cheap, funky set of wheels? From $19.99 per day, these babies are perfect for a quick getaway after flogging slurpies from a 7/11. How good are slurpies!


Mini Camper 2-Sleeper

With a large Double Bed and plenty of storage inside and on the roof, the 2-Sleeper Mini Camper is perfect for your sexy little gateway for your sexy little partner.


Mini Camper 3-Sleeper

Our Mini Camper 3-Sleeper is one of Wicked's most popular campers. It's cheap to run, super-easy to setup and even easier to drive!

Wicked Campers Guide to Koalas & Why You Should Hire Our Campervans...

Feeling restless? A little overwhelmed? Take a few minutes to dream with us.

Now...close your eyes. Close them tight. Imagine you are on a tropical island. A really fucking big tropical island. It's name...'Australia'. Listen to those four syllables roll off your tongue..'Ozz-tray-li-ya'.

Feels good doesn't it?

And it should feel good. You know why? Because in Australia you can drive for 9 Hours and you won't see anyone. It'll just be you and the wind and the sound of kangaroo's bouncing off your windscreen.

No boss, no homework, no fucking electricity bills. Just you and your orange juice bottle bong and the open road. Sounds pretty good yeah?

Well it is good. But it could be better. You could be riding around in a Wicked Camper - the champagne of Campervans. And not the cheap shitty kind that you pour over your head after winning Pub Trivia. The good shit. The kind of champagne you would only drink off the nipples of an expensive hooker or in the company of someone with an exotic name.

Are you feeling relaxed? Not yet? Well keep your eyes closed. Think of a cute, fluffy koala. Think about how content he looks in his tree. Pretty content yeah? He's not though. Because he's stuck in a fucking tree and there's sticks poking him in the ass and psycho dingo's waiting on the ground below to tear his cute, fluffy ass to shreads.

Keep your eyes closed. I understand it will be hard to do that while reading this, but just try. Just think about how content our little koala friend would be in a Wicked Camper? There'd be a little bed for him and an MP3 input so he could play his little spotify playlist and gently rock himself into a blissful slumber. And after a good rest, he could get behind the wheel of that Wicked Van and fucking mow-down all those dingo motherfuckers that haunted his little koala dreams.

But then I hear you say "koala's can't drive, you idiot, why would they want a Wicked Camper?!". You need to silence this pessimism, this is the enemy. Because with the right drugs you will soon discover that koala's can indeed drive. And that dragons are real and that Donald Trump's fucked-up haircut is actually a juvenile Wookie. Life is full of possibilities.

This has been a community service announcement from the good people at Wicked Campers and Tourism Ashtraylia asking you to visit our little big tropical island. Instead of New Zealand.

campervan rental australia

9 out of 10 Koalas choose Wicked Campers for their holidays.

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