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Does your band need a Tour Bus? Or do you just have too many friends? Well, check out our range of Tour Buses!

Is your band touring OZ? Need some wheels? Wicked Campers have got a few tour buses ready to hit the road. Some even have a fucking rooftop stage with Astro Turf!!!

If you think your band would dig a roadtrip in one of our buses, please click the bus you want below and fill out an enquiry form!

QUICK SPECIFICATIONS: Auto & Manual // Unleaded Fuel // Normal License Required Only (Age 21+ for buses) // 3 Day Minimum to hire our buses


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Wicked Campers Loves You and wants to have your babies...

You know what you do when you're in love? You make a Mix Tape. Even though you might not have noticed us hanging out in front of your bedroom window for a while, we still get all tingly when we think about you. So here's a mix tape, 420 songs, around 27-Hours. That's so long even Sting would need 2 cigarette breaks.

Wind down your windows and lift that restraining order - we're coming over baby!

Find our Playlist in Spotify, paste this into your Spotify Search Bar: spotify:user:wicked_campers



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