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Campervan Hire Deals Australia

Everybody knows where Bondi Beach is. But does anybody know where Mungo National Park or Francois Peron is? This list of campervan trips is about opening your mind a little to other parts of Australia that are incredible - but virtually unknown to domestic & foreign travellers...

The best thing about taking a roadtrip is often the feeling of going into the unknown. But most places these days have pages of shit written about them in your Lonely Planet, or whole webpages dedicated to getting you to spend your fat tourist dollars at the same places everyone goes. Australia is a massive country, and there's nooks and crannies everywhere to explore in your Wicked Camper. So think a little outta the box when it comes to your roadtrip - and you'll be rewarded with sights and experiences that most people will never see.


The Nullarbor

No place in Australia can capture the imagination like The Nullarbor. An epic adventure across two states, renown for desert solitude, massive sharks and wild Southern Ocean Bunda Cliffs. Few Australians have traversed this road, but those who have, will never forget the experience...


Mungo National Park

An overlooked gem on the fringe of the Australian Outback, Mungo National Park is an ancient, sacred site. The landscape is wide open, dry and encapsulates the true essence of the Outback - and only 5.5 hours from Adelaide!


Wilson's Promontory

Often overlooked for the Great Ocean Road, Victoria's Wilson's Promontory is an arid, coastal wonderland with wild wombats, kangaroos, emus & echidnas all shitting all over the place! About 3 hours from Melbourne, it's a real wildlife experience with endless views and incredible isolation...


Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy is strange, but awesome at the same time – most of the houses are built underground or into the sides of the surrounding hills, so they stay cool in the desert summer heat. A famous Australian opal mining town, Coober Pedy is positioned 850 kilometres north of Adelaide and about 700 kilometres south of Alice Springs. It's like a trip to the moon...

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