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Where is it? About 100kms on Unsealed Roads from Mildura. Approximately 7 Hours from Melbourne / 5.5 Hours from Adelaide. 4WD or AWD Hire only.

There's something special about going to a place that nobody knows about. It's an adventure with no expectations, only a curious anticipation. Mungo National Park is a place that very few Australian's have heard about. And even fewer tourists know about it.

About 7 Hours from Melbourne & 5.5 Hours from Adelaide, Mungo National Park is a remote protected region in the far south-west of NSW. It is special for a number of reasons. It's a World Heritage Listed destination, a place where Aboriginal Australians have walked since the dream time. It's a sacred place, the site of ancient burial rituals dating back up to 50,000 years. The landscape is sparce, but littered with native animals - namely emu's, kangaroos, snakes and lizards.

The star attraction of Mungo National Park is the 'Walls of China' - ancient natural pinnacles that have been formed by millenia of wind and rain. It's an awesome sight, and even better if you can catch it for a sunset viewing. There's also sand dunes and bush camps for an authentic, yet easily reachable outback adventure.


  • Wicked Campers will only permit 4WD & AWD Vehicles into the park
  • Bush Camps are available across the park from $5 Per Night
  • Mildura (100kms from Mungo) is your last stop for food, fuel and supplies.

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