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Looking to do some fun shit on your roadtrip? How about Hot Air Ballooning while stroking a dingo and eating some KFC Chicken? That's the kind of cool shit you can do when you hire a Wicked Camper. Not only that, as a Wicked Customer - we can score you some pretty sexy discounts on fun shit. When you buy your tours & activities at our Online Travel Shop you'll get 5% Off baby - that could save you some serious coin! Just visit our Online Travel Shop and use the Promo Code 'SEXY' at the checkout.

Sound good? I think it's pretty good. Like a monkey in a clown suit - it's good cheap fun and damn sexy...

Use Promo Code 'Sexy' for 5% Off at our Travel Shop:



Fraser Island 4WD Hire

Unfortunately, you can't take your Wicked van or 4WD across to Fraser Island. Sad face. However - we can score you 5% OFF for 4WD Hires from our friends on Fraser Island. We've got a range of 1, 2 & 3 Day deals available, so if you're heading to Fraser Island talk to us baby on 1800 186 648...



Fraser Island Tours

Want to see Fraser Island without breaking the budget? Well we've got a bunch of mates who do 1,2,3 & 4 Day Tours on Fraser Island. And because you are a goddamn sexy Wicked Customer, we'll give you 5% OFF. That's sexier than a hat full of nipples. Phone us to claim your discount on Fraser Tours 1800 186 648...




Are you a fucking maniac? Personally I would never jump out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane. But you might be stupider than I, so we'll give you 5% OFF skydives in heaps of locations, including Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Uluru & Cairns! Claim your 5% OFF Discount, give us a call on 1800 186 648...


Shark Dive Port Lincoln

Dive with Great Whites

Do you have a fish fetish? Well fish don't get much bigger than the big motherfuckers lurking off Port Lincoln, South Australia. So if you wanna dive into a little cage with a big shark (shark not in cage), then we'll give you 5% OFF the experience. That's a lot of fish fingers baby. Call us to claim your discount on 1800 186 648...



Hot Air Balloon Alice Springs

Feel like a floating really high in a little cane basket while a giant flame & some flimsy fabric keep you from plummeting to the earth? Sounds like fun huh? Well our buddies in Alice Springs have such a device and can take you high into the outback sky. And we can give you 5% OFF the experience, call us baby 1800 186 648...


Sail Whitsundays

Finger some Fish

Do you like being underwater? It's pretty good huh? I like it because you can't hear any stupid people talking, just the soothing voices in my head. If you like being underwater and looking at stuff, well talk to us (we're not stupid) and we'll give you 5% OFF a massive selection of Snorkelling & Scuba-Diving tours in Cairns, Airlie Beach & Exmouth. Phone 1800 186 648 to claim your discount...


Sail Whitsundays

Sail the Whitsundays

Do you want to pretend you're a motherfucking pirate for a few days? It's a damn good life, let me tell you! We've got a heap of Whitsundays Sailing Deals available and we'll give you 5% OFF a massive selection of Sailing, Snorkelling & Scuba-Diving tours in Cairns, Airlie Beach & Exmouth. Phone 1800 186 648 or Book Online to claim your discount...


Exmouth Shark Dives

Swim with Whale Sharks

The Whale Sharks that lurk off the mid-west coast are not only sexy, they're fucking huge. We've got a few Exmouth Whale Shark Dives & Tours available if you're looking to jump in the water at Ningaloo Reef. And guess what? We'll give you 5% OFF just for being awesome! Phone 1800 186 648 or Book Online Now to claim your discount...


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  • Must use Promo Code 'Sexy' at checkout for discount to work
  • Not valid for Campervans

Does your head hurt when you Pee?

If it does, you may have acute cranial stick-o-plexia - a horrible affliction that I just made up in my mind. Symptoms include sweating from embarrassing areas, sticking to leather couches and an obsessive compulsive tendency to lick the back of peoples heads at the supermarket. What does any of this have to do with hiring a Wicked Camper? I'm not sure really, but I've hired a Wicked Camper - and I don't suffer from Stick-o-plexia, so it would seem that what you need to do is hire a Wicked Camper to avoid becoming another victim of this terrible imaginary disorder that I just made up, just then.

Ok well that's about it, I'm Captain Michael McTits, signing off.

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