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Wicked Campers Buyback Guarantee

Why do I need a buyback?

Selling a car or camper can be a difficult and time consuming process, made worse depending on the time of year, location and condition of your vehicle. To save you spending the last few weeks of your holiday trying to sell, take advantage of Wicked's buyback guarantee! When you buy a vehicle from us, we give you a price straight away so you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing what you can expect to recoup at the end of your journey.

For all sales enquiries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Buyback rates

We will buyback the vehicle for roughly 30-50% of the original purchase price, depending on the duration of your ownership period.

Time Period Buyback rate
Under 3 Months Up to 50%
3 to 6 Months Up to 40%
6 to 12 Months Up to 30%

If you're a true wheeler and dealer, you're welcome to sell on your vehicle for more than the buyback price. However, if you've run out of time, or don't have the inclination to search for a buyer, it's reassuring to have the buyback offer as a fallback, so you're free to relax and enjoy your time on the road.

Check out our policies page for all the information you need to know regarding our sales warranties and buyback program.

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