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Information About Our Vehicles...

Toll Road Tags

What is a Toll Road?

There are 15 Toll Roads on Australia’s East Coast. Many are unavoidable, major arterial roads and all are a complete & utter rip-off. Any vehicle traversing on these roads is required to pay a Toll Fee within 3 days. If the Toll Fee isn’t paid, the Toll Companies send Wicked Campers a letter of demand with an Additional Administration Fee of up to $30 (for each Toll infringement). Wicked Campers has until this point, been passing these fees on to the customer (sometimes we don’t receive notification for up to 3 months after the Infringement Date).

Wicked Camper’s competitors charge their customers $60-$80 per infringement as an additional administration fee if they do not pay their Toll Fees on time.


Toll Roads Levy $35

As of 10th April 2015, all Wicked Campers are registered with Toll Road companies around Australia.


What am I getting for $35?

By paying the Wicked Campers Toll Roads Levy, you have Unlimited access to Toll Roads in Australia. You do not have to stress about paying them – we will pay them. Just enjoy your holiday knowing there will be no nasty surprises after your trip!


Do I Have to Pay the Toll Roads Levy?

If you are travelling in or through Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you must pay the Toll Roads Levy. The Levy is non-refundable.

Note:Wicked Campers Toll Levy does NOT cover infringements received for illegal conduct (Speeding, DUI etc.) or Parking fines.

Camping Equipment Included

Wicked Campervans & 4WD Hire Vehicles Include:

All Wicked Campers (except Damn Cheap Classic Cars) include a good range of camping equipment so you can be completely self-sufficient on your roadtrip.

Cutlery & Crockery

Gas Stove

Ice Cooler (Esky)

Fry Pan & Sauce Pan



Optional Extras

  • Camping Table and Chairs (Optional $15 fixed fee)
  • Automatic Transmission Guarantee (Optional $5 per day)


Does the vehicle come with Linen?

No – for hygeine puposes, our vehicles do not come with linen or pillows. You will need to supply our own. Some depots carry pillows and blankets from previous customers. You can use these if necessary, however this service is provided as a gesture of goodwill only.
About Our Campers & 4WD's (Specifications)

Do any Wicked Campers have an MP3 connection?

Most of our vehicles come with a cd player with aux input or bluetooth. You may have to supply your own cable or mp3 radio transmitter.


Baby Seats & Anchor Points

Unfortunately, we do not hire baby seats. Campervans only have 2 shoulder seatbelts and a waist belt in the middle of a 3-berth campervan (bench seat). Our vans do not have an anchor point for baby seats. If you wish to travel with a child seat, then the Mini Camper 3 & our AWD / 4WD Vehicles are the only vehicles with anchor points.



Which Vehicles are Automatic Transmission?

Our Fleet is a mix of Automatic and Manual Vehicles. Most Categories will have Automatic Transmission vehicles, however availability can be limited and must be requested at time of booking. A $5 Per Day Auto Guarantee applies if you wish to reserve an Automatic Camper.
  • Mini Campers:AUTO & MANUAL Available
  • Iconic Campers:MANUAL / AUTO Available
  • Premium 2-Seaters:MANUAL / AUTO Available
  • 4WD & AWD Vehicles:MANUAL & AUTO Available

How Big are the Campervans

Campervans are approx. 4.6m long, 1.7m wide and 1.9m high, however this varies from model to model.


Do any campervans have roof racks or tow bars?

No. We do not have roof racks or tow bars.


Can I choose my campervan design?

Customers are welcome to put in a request for the design on the camper which we will try our best to accommodate if available. However, as a lot of our hires are one way it is not guaranteed that your disred vehicle will be available at your pickup location. Customers are also welcome to request a 'tame' van if travelling with children etc.


Does my Camper come with a Sat Nav?

GPS devices are not included with our vehicles.


Fuel Type

What type of fuel do the campers use?

The vast majority of our Campervans, 4WD's and Minicampers run on unleaded petrol. Some (very limited) 4x4 Campers run on Diesel.


Roadside Assistance

What happens if I break down or have an issue with the Vehicle?

We have a Roadside Assistance Service available to Wicked Camper hirers. In the event of a breakdown our operator will help. Please Note: Hirer will be liable for Roadside Assistance Call Out Fees in the event of human error (Lost Keys, Keys locked in vehicle, Flat Battery, Tyre Changes, No Fuel, etc).
How Do the Rooftop Tents Operate?

Other Information...

Prohibited Areas of Australia


Collecting & Returning Your Campervan of 4WD

What do I need to bring when collecting my vehicle?

Pillows & Blankets, Licenses for ALL DRIVERS, All drivers will need to be present at pickup in order to sign the Rental Agreement


Do you have airport pickups available?

Airport pickups are not available. Most depots can be accessed by public transport, however taxis can be a quicker and more convenient option.


Can I extend my hire?

Depending on availability, you can easily extend your hire by sending a quick email with your reservation number to: online@wickedcampers.com

Can I drop my vehicle off late?

Some of our depots have a late returns key drop box. Always make sure to lock the vehicle before leaving it as you are liable for it until the depot is open the next day!


Can I pickup early?

No – you can only collect your vehicle during opening hours.


Do I have to clean my van before returning?

Yes please! A $200 Cleaning Fee applies to all vehicles returned uncleaned!
Camping in Australia & Where to Go?

Which campsites can I stay at?

Australia has a huge number of free or cheap campsites suitable for campervans, however, when choosing a campsite to stay at, always do some research to ensure it will meet your needs. Keep in mind that certain campsites may only be suitable for self-contained vehicles and do not have any toilet facilities available on-site.

Can I park the camper anywhere when staying the night?

In most places you’re allowed to park and camp for a night or two provided you’re not too messy and noisy. In city areas it’s a good idea to scout out caravan parks as some local councils fine backpackers for camping in the street (particularly Byron Bay). But as Australia is a large, sparse country, you’ll have no worries finding places to park and sleep for free! Just be sure not to be an asshole and leave your trash all over the place!


Do you have any suggestions for places to travel?

Sure! Just look in our Trip Ideas section HERE, there’s plenty of good ideas!
Feedback & Complaints

Who Can I Contact to Lodge some Feedback?

Here at Wicked Campers we have a team of trained monkeys whose job is to continually improve the way we do things. These monkeys are not only cute, they're also very focused on giving our customers the greatest campervan experience possible. But the monkeys need your help. Please CLICK HERE to fill in a form and these monkeys will get back to you ASAP!


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