Wicked 4WD & AWD Hire

Wicked Campers have a range of 4WD Vehicles suited to all budgets and tastes. From fancy 4x4's with all the bells & whistles, to older-model, basic 4WD's, Wicked Campers has got your Australian Offroad Adventure sorted!

Unlike a lot of other 4WD Rental companies, Wicked Campers lets you see more of Australia. Get out there and see the notorious Gibb River Road, cruise Uluru and the Mereenie Loop or take a mission along the Oodnadatta Track. Whatever kind of adventure you're planning, you'll find the perfect rental vehicle amongst our range of Premium & Budget 4WD's.

Wicked Campers Premium 4x4 & 4WD Vehicles...

- Grip 2-5 Berth Off-Road 4x4

2016-18 Nissan Navara Dual Cab 4WD's
Seats 5 / Sleeps 5 Adults
2 x Rooftop Tents
Great Rear Cabin with HEAPS of Storage
Automatic Transmission
A/C and Power Steering
Plates, Cups, Bowls & Utensils Included
Gas Cooker, Pots & Pans
Water tanks with shower attachment
Multiple USB Charge Points
Bluetooth & MP3 Compatible
Mattresses Included

campervan-hire campervan-hire

Armadillo Premium 4WD 2-sleeper

4.0L V6, 5-Speed Auto Transmission
Sleeps & Seats 2 Adults
A/C, Power Steer & Cruise Control
CD, Bluetooth and USB
Drivers, Passengers Front & Side Airbags
Rooftop Tent
Batwing Awning
Battery Power Supply w/ Andersen plug
100W Portable Solar Panel kit
Multiple 12v Power Sockets
12/240v Fridge freezer combo
Twin Burner Stove

campervan-hire campervan-hire

Wicked Campers Budget 4x4 & 4WD Vehicles..

Armadillo 4WD 2-Sleeper

Modern Offroad Vehicles
Sleeps & Seats 2 Adults
250kms Per Day KM Allowance
Rooftop Tent Sleeps 2 Adults
CD Player & MP3 Aux
Gas Cooker, Plates, Cups & Bowls
Saucepan + Fry Pan
Auto & Manual Available

campervan-hire campervan-hire

Bondi Safari AWD 5-sleeper

Modern Offroad Vehicles
Sleeps & Seats 5 Adults
250kms Per Day KM Allowance
Large Rooftop Tent Sleeps 5 Adults
CD Player & MP3 Aux
Gas Cooker, Plates, Cups & Bowls
Saucepan + Fry Pan
Auto & Manual Available

campervan-hire campervan-hire

Wicked Campers - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
General Questions

Which Vehicles are Automatic Transmission?

Our Fleet is a mix of Automatic and Manual Vehicles. Most Categories will have Automatic Transmission vehicles, however availability can be limited and must be requested at time of booking. A $5 Per Day Auto Guarantee applies if you wish to reserve an Automatic Camper.
  • Mini Campers: AUTO & MANUAL Available
  • Iconic Campers: MANUAL / AUTO Available
  • Premium 2-Seaters: MANUAL / AUTO Available
  • 4WD & AWD Vehicles: MANUAL & AUTO Available

Do any Wicked Campers have an MP3 connection?

All vehicles come with a CD Player. Our Mini Campers & Premium 2-Seaters are all fitted with ipod connectivity. However for the rest of our campervans you will have to purchase an MP3 radio transmitter that will play songs through the radio.

Does my Camper come with a Sat Nav?

GPS devices are available for hire, book online or notify our Roadtrip Planners when booking.

What is the approximate fuel consumption of Wicked Campers?

Mini Campers are the cheapest to travel in. They will travel approximately 400-450kms per tank and cost around $45-$55 to fill. Iconic Campers will travel approximately 350-400kms per tank – depending on speed and terrain. A tank of fuel will cost approximately $60 to fill. Premium Campers will travel approximately 400kms per tank and cost around $60 to fill. 4x4 Vehicles are subject to road conditions. Offroad travel will greatly affect fuel usage.
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