Tracks x Torren Martyn

Pro surfer Torren Martyn took one of our AWD's up to Kalbarri earlier this month and destroyed Jake's Point & Geraldton - two infamous spots in surf culture!

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dil brisbane

Check out our collaboration with DIL Brisbane in conjunction with St Paddy's Day!

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Shane and Erin Roadtrip

We hooked up Aussie travellers Shane & Erin with some wheels for their roadtrip across America & Canada.

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Campervan Hire Australia

We hooked up with Space 44 and the Snakehole recently for their epic Bloodstains Skate Deck Exhibition on a sweet little roadtrip from Sydney to Melbourne, smashing every little skatie bowl along the way...

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NZ Roadtrip

Check out some shots from American Youtuber Evan Edinger and his dope ride in New Zealand.

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Campervan Hire Tasmania

Explore Cradle Mountain - the sexiest lump, in the sexiest part of Tasmania. Wicked Campers took a little trip in a Minicamper 3 lately and scored some cracking pics...

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Skegss USA & Canada Tour

Our buddies Skegss are on tour recording and playing shows across the USA & Canada! We hooked 'em up with a sweet ride, next time we wana come with!

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Thinking of hiring a campervan? Well let's get shit sorted - first you're gonna need tunes. Here's a selection of our fav Summer tunes we're pumping through our shitty little speakers at Wicked HQ...

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Campervan Hire Australia

More footage from Space 44 and the Bloodstains Skate Deck Exhibition!

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Kakadu Campervan Rental Darwin

4WD the incredible Kakadu National Park! Get away from the tourist tracks and explore the untouched beauty of Kakadu, Jim Jim Falls and Litchfield National park...

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My mother fucked a donkey down in Mexico!!! Lets reminisce over the time we hooked up American Punk Rock legends, Guttermouth, for their 2013 farewell tour.

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4WD Hire Alice Springs

Cruise the Red Centre in a 4WD or AWD hire vehicle with Wicked Campers! From Uluru to Kings Canyon and the MacDonnell Ranges, a 4WD is the way to really experience the awesome Australian Outback!

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Breaking Up Breaking Down

Breaking Up Broken Down are currently on tour with a Wicked van through Europe, check it!

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