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4WD Hire in the incredible Kakadu National Park

Want to Hire a 4WD and explore the rugged top end? With Gorges, waterfalls, massive fucking crocodiles and wild buffalo, Kakadu and nearby Litchfield National Park are yours to explore in one of Wicked Campers sexy 4WD or AWD Hire vehicles!

Kakadu & Litchfield Area of Use Fee is $50. Includes permission to take vehicle on roads to Jim Jim Falls, Twin Falls, The Lost City and unsealed roads as marked. National Park entry fees may apply at entry point of the parks - this is a government fee.


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The waterfall descends from the an elevation of 259 metres above sea level via one drop that ranges in height between 140 and 200 metres into a plunge pool within the creek. The falls are located near the eastern boundary of the national park and 28 kilometres south of Jabiru. In the dry season, access from the Kakadu Highway is possible via a 60-kilometre gravel road, with the final 11 kilometres suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles only. However, during much of this period the falls dry up and do not flow. In the wet season when the falls are at their most spectacular, it is impossible to drive any vehicle into the area and are best viewed from the air together with the nearby Twin Falls.

It is believed that 140 million years ago much of Kakadu was under a shallow sea. The prominent escarpment wall formed sea cliffs and the Arnhem Land plateau formed a flat land above the sea. Today the escarpment, which rises to 330 metres above the plains, extends over 500 kilometres along the eastern side of the national park and into Arnhem Land. It varies from vertical cliffs in the Jim Jim Falls area to stepped cliffs and isolated outliers in the north.

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The Twin Falls ('Gungkurdul' to the local Aboriginal People) is a spectacular waterfall on the South Alligator River that falls over the Arnhem Land escarpment within the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia. The Twin Falls area is registered on the Australian National Heritage List.

The waterfall descends from an elevation of 158 metres above sea level via a series of tiers that range in height between 44–51 metres. The falls are located near the eastern boundary of the national park and 80 kilometres south of Jabiru. The falls are accessible by four wheel drive trail, 60 kilometres from the Kakadu Highway and near to Jim Jim Falls.

Facilities adjacent to the waterfall include a carpark, picnic area, public toilets, and a shaded area.

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Originally built in 1982 as a closed town to house the community living at Jabiru East near the Ranger Uranium Mine eight kilometres away, both Jabiru and the mine are completely surrounded by Kakadu National Park.

Jabiru features a small town plaza that includes a video souvenir shop, a supermarket, bank, tackle shop, cafe, hairdresser, post office, news agency, bank and bakery (behind the fire station) as well as government, Northern Land Council offices, Magistrates Courts and emergency services.

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The Lost City is an incredible sight, however the track into this section is extremely rough, and only people experienced in handling four-wheel-drive vehicles should attempt to access the Lost City, which is approximately 42km from Litchfield Tourist Park.

The Lost City consists of a collection of rock formations that have left to wither as the softer sandstone cap of the table top range eroded away.

The Lost City became famous with the old wagon road used by early pioneers passing through this rock formation. The last couple of kms of the current road follow the old wagon road that joined the homestead of Stapleton Station near Adelaide River to the outstation (Blyth Homestead).

This Park is spectacular at any time, though most 4WD tracks are closed during the wet season. Generally open from May to November, and admission is free.

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Wangi Falls is one of Litchfield National Park's most impressive and accessible attractions.

Open all year round; though swimming is not always possible due to water levels. This place is awe-inspiring during the Wet Season!

Wangi Falls Walk is around a 1.6km return trip on a fairly moderate track. The walk to the summit of the waterfalls gives you a great opportunity to snap some sexy pics. Wangi Falls is also 2WD accessible!

Camping sites are available along Walker Creek (dry season only). Camping fees apply. Caravan camping is restricted to Wangi Falls and no powered sites are provided. Walk-in camping sites are available along Walker Creek (dry season only). Camping fees apply. Wangi Falls has a campground with all amenities including toilet, shower and kiosk and barbecue facilities.

Kakadu 4WD Hire Darwin

Hire an AWD or 4WD and see the AMAZING Kakadu & Litchfield National Parks!

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