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We just found a bunch of awesome pics from our collaboration with Mobfest Music Outback Foundation a few years ago. Some of these kids had insane talent - enough to make Keith Haring's art look like Keith Richard's face after a 10-Day coke binge...

Music Outback Foundation believes that Indigenous children in remote Australia should have equivalent outcomes to mainstream Australian children in education, cultural empowerment and self-esteem. We believe this is an essential step towards Indigenous community empowerment and self-determination.

Organised by the Music Outback Foundation, Mobfest Tanami 2010 was a big hit with all the Central Australian schools that took part. Over 3 days and nights at Ti Tree NT north of Alice Springs, students of all ages enjoyed workshops, concerts and a traditional culture program delivered by their own community elders.


Music Outback Foundation operates under the principal that continuity and sustainability are essential factors in program design and delivery in remote Indigenous Australia. With many Music Outback personnel being high profile touring musicians, the workshops become a regular part of their touring schedule, meaning that even if they only visit one community, they will still form long term relationships with those community members as they return each term.

If anyone out there is willing to help these guys out - it is truly an awesome cause and great fun! Check out their website:

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