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Earlier in the year we lent a couple of our AWD vehicles to legendary dude Cameron Markin, who with 10 other skateboarders, shredded the streets of Adelaide. To see the full write-up and pics, go steal issue #201 of Slam at your local newsagent!

Our man Cameron sums it up best...

"As we rolled through to pick up our trusty steads the awesome girl in charge at the Adelaide Branch assessed the size of our crew and didn’t hesitate in applying a free upgrade to both vehicles. Just before we rolled out of the lot in our pristine 2013 SUV’s, Vaughan made some cheeky remark about how “Don’t worry we won’t draw on/in these ones” (referencing the typically graffed up wicked camper vans), without batting an eyelash our new friend replied “nah don’t worry, go for it!” Leaving Vaughan and I speechlessly staring at each other. As the boys were informed of their creative license, and the evil mischief became immediately visible in their eyes, I began to worry. 1 sharpie, and 2 recorded confirmation phone calls to wicked later and the previously untouched interiors were donned with their new face lift. A solid mix of philosophical advice, dicks, phone numbers, sexual requests, and of course a bunch of genuinely really good drawings lined our surroundings for the next 10 days. Naturally it was with baited breath that on our final day I returned in hopes to reclaim my frighteningly substantial bond. Never had I returned a car with our own brand of artwork emblazoned across the interior. However our old friend took one look at them and with a chuckle asked for the keys, assuring me I’d be receiving my bond within 72 hours and thanking us for adding some real character to the cars. Legends."

Check out some more of Cam's insane work here:

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