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Thinking of hiring a campervan? Well let's get shit sorted - first you're gonna need tunes. Here's a selection of our fav Summer tunes we're pumping through our shitty little speakers at Wicked HQ...

Open a new tab and start yoo-toobin! Go!

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Dune Rats - Dalai Lama/Big Banana

Our buddies Dune Rats have been killin it lately with their brand of pop-punk straight outta Byron Bay. This one's pretty simple, but fuck it's catchy.

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Mac DeMarco - Salad Days

Probably the coolest fucker getting around right now, Mac DeMarco's tunes have been getting a spanking in the office.

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Iggy Pop - I wanna be your dog

Who doesn't enjoy a bit of Iggy?

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Velvet Underground - Venus of Furs

Soaked in a psychedelic-coloured bucket of heroin, this little dittie from Lou Reed and the gang is pretty much pure awesome!

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Temples - Keep in the Dark

Nice and mellow, like if the Beatles and Marc Bolan had a baby and dressed it in a purple velvet coat.

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Tora - Future Man

The boys from Tora in Byron Bay are killin it right now. Having toured 3 times last year in our LSD Machine, these doods are gaining plenty of fans.

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Rolling Stones - Jigsaw Puzzle

Off the Stone's insanely cool album 'Beggars Banquet', this toon really shows the hole Brian Jones left in the band when he dropped a pound of colours and drowned in a swimming pool.

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Pond - Fantastic Explosion of Time

The psych lads from Perth (including a coupla doods from Tame Impala) are releasing a tonne of music - all of it pure awesome.

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Dead Kennedy's - Let's Lynch the Landlord

Turn it up and cause some mischief - that's why you're gonna hire a Wicked Camper yeah?!

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Butthole Surfer - Hurdy Gurdy Man

Listen to the Butthole Surfer's cover the Donovan classic 'Hurdy Gurdy Man'. Be sure to watch the lo-fi early 90's video clip - this is the shit your mum was shakin her ass to while you were picking lego out of your nose.

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So good at being in trouble

I don't know a whole lot about these guys, other than the fact that I have listened the shit outta their stuff in the past couple of months.

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The Clash - Police on my back

It's got Joe Strummer and it's awesome. If you don't know who the Clash are, then get outta my car.

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Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic

No explanation required.

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Brian Jonestown Massacre - Dropping bombs on the White House

Not sure if you've seen 'Dig', but these guys have been around for around 25 years. Troubled front man Anton Newcomb (some may say 'douche') is a genius at mixing catchy melodies with ironic lyrics and fuck-you sentiment.

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La Femme - Antitaxi

French pop-surf-punk-electro. Seriously cool shit, and perfect for your summer roadtrip!

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Black Lips - Vini Vidi Vici

This one came out a few years back. Still fucking ace - put it on repeat, then listen to all of their other shit!

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