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Sydney's Lepers & Crooks robbed of $15,000 worth of equipment

Lepers & Crooks are on tour in our LSD Machine, when the regrettable happened in the regional NSW town of Bellingen, this past Friday night.

Following a show at the Federal Hotel, the guys were off partying with some locals. After the party had finished, the band were heading back to their accommodation when an individual aroused suspicion. Apparently this individual had bragged about stealing a hard drive earlier on in the night. Consequently, the guys told him to clear off (or words to that effect). When the band returned to the LSD Machine the next morning, the bus was empty.

The thief left with a range of equipment including; six guitars, a bass, mixing gear, expensive microphones and their merchandise tin with more than $400 in cash. However, one item had been left behind on the roof - a hard drive.

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The guys ran into local musician Luke Wilton, who they had been jamming with the night before. Luke recalled speaking to the suspect, (only known as PJ), earlier on at the party. After recalling some possible whereabouts, a search of a nearby accommodation was made.

The suspect was nowhere to be found, however a friend of PJ was still at the property. After convincing PJ that the game was up, a negotiation was made, leading to the return of $15,000 equipment at Coffs Harbour Police Station. All of this occurring within a few hours! We're stoked everything was resolved so quickly and the tour could continue smoothly.

'PJ', you sir, are a dick.

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