Trip Tips TV x Wicked Campers Los Angeles

Hailing from Brazil, Trip Tips TV are a production crew of young and hungry travellers, dedicated in showcasing the most awesome music festivals across the world.

Offering tips on how to get to and from the biggest and best parties around the world, the team offers an exhilarating and captivating insight into the world of the music festival. Sounds like the best job in the world right?!

After visiting the neighbouring cities to each festival, Trip Tips offer advice on accommodation, where to go out, the best restaurants to discover and general vibe of the area.

The team film the entire process - everything that happens before the festival, during and after. From leaving the airport, picking up the Wicked Camper in LA, crusing across highways, arriving at the events and the overall experience that a festival attendee would encounter.

During the day, the team film all the activities taking place, including interviews, backstage news, costumes, stages and more. As the sun sets, the cameras keep rolling and the parties continue long into the night.

After the festival has finished and the hangovers sink in, the team jet off to the next neighbouring city and start all over again! Seriously I want this job!

A few months back we were approached by Trip Tips TV head honcho Carolina, in hopes of picking up some wheels from our depot in LA. The mission - Lighting in a Bottle festival, located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, USA.

We hooked the team up with a 5-seater campervan and the rest, as they say was history.

We hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did!

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