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Trip Tips TV are a production crew from Brazil, documenting the best music festivals across the world. We hooked them up with some wheels in LA. Check it out baby!

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Campervan Hire Vancouver

Kid Mac toured Canada back in 2014 in our Fantastic 5 Sleeper. Check it.

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Campervan Hire Africa

We just sent a our buddies from Stomp Surf Wax over to South Africa & Namibia. The aim of the trip? 3000kms into Namibia to smuggle sand back in their undies...

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Campervan Hire Los Angeles

Looking to hire a campervan and cruise the West Coast?! Well here's a bit of inspiration baby!

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Here's a list of 100 awesome travel destinations that you've gotta check out in your Wicked Camper!

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Campervan Hire New Zealand

Want to discover New Zealand? Hire a Wicked Camper and check out the North and South Islands baby.

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Campervan Hire Australia

Hiring a Wicked Camper? Here's what you need to know before you hit the road.

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Vancouver to LA

Thinking of road trippin' from Vancouver to Los Angeles? Check out Mitzi's 5 tips!

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Campervan Hire

Lepers & Crooks had $15,000 of gear stolen over the weekend from our LSD Machine! Fortunately the guys tracked down the thief and recovered everything.

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We've teamed up with a bunch of campsites across OZ - book in with your Wicked Camper and get a discount off your stay today!

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Campervan Hire

Check out the clip for 'Fun', the new single by Skeggs (and look out for a Wicked Camper!)

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Sydney legends, Kallidad and their Australian tour in a Wicked Camper.

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